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Lancs Environmental students calling for compensation for UCU strikes

More strikes? Yikes

LEC (Lancaster Environment Centre) students have been adding their names to an official complaint to Lancaster University, in order to gain compensation for missed time because of industrial strikes.

The University and College Union (UCU) strikes are planned to continue into Lent term, with 14 more strike dates causing more lecture cancellations for many students.

The lead student representative for LEC students sent out an email that said: "I'm incredibly glad to see that over 100 students have now pledged support to the strikes complaint." This follows the rep's call for financial compensation due to the "disruption and effect [the strikes] had on students."

One LEC student said: "On paper, the cost of getting a degree is crazy.The university generates so much revenue, yet the staff are underpaid with such bad pension plans. The problem lies with the management of the university."

The Tab Lancaster contacted UCU for a response to the LEC students' complaint: "UCU welcomes the initiative by LEC students to complain to the University about the impact that the strikes had on them. We want to see LU management taking these complaints seriously and doing everything they can to resolve the industrial dispute, to avoid putting staff in a position where we have no choice but to take further strike action.”

When asked for comment, Lancaster University Press Office said: "Student complaints will be dealt with through the formal university processes and it would be inappropriate to comment at this stage."

The LEC department have also been contacted for further comment.