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UCLan students put on meningitis alert after an undergrad was treated last month

Antibiotics have been given to those in contact with the student

Thousands of UCLan students living in Preston have been told to be on high alert after an undergraduate student was treated for a confirmed case of meningitis last month.

Public Health England have given out antibiotics to those that were in close contact to the student as a precautionary measure.

A spokesperson for UCLan stated: “The university’s community has been reassured that, although the risk of another case arising is very low, everyone should be aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis."

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UCLan bosses revealed that the student's treatment took place last month and continued that “no further cases were diagnosed.”

The student fell ill before Christmas and the illness was identified as a meningococcal infection.

The student received treatment at the Royal Preston Hospital and is reported to be making a full recovery.

The University is self-described as “meningitis aware” and the MenACWY vaccine can be prescribed from the university’s medical centre. The vaccine is usually given in school in years 8 and 9.

The spokesperson said: “UCLan was an early adopter of the Meningitis Now accreditation scheme and runs regular campaigns encouraging students to obtain their vaccinations.

"Early recognition of meningitis and septicaemia symptoms can greatly improve the outcome of the disease and so anyone who is concerned about any of the symptoms, at any time, should seek medical advice immediately or call NHS 111.”