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Lancaster University men’s Rugby Union team raised over £10k for Movember

Well done boys

Last month Lancaster University men’s Rugby Union team were able to raise an impressive grand total of over £10,000 for Movember.

The cause of their great efforts to raise awareness for the Movember charity, which aids in tackling prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention head on, and assisting those who are in suffering.

Throughout the month of November alone, the team raised exactly £10,924 between 104 of their team members, smashing last year's record of £9,303. The team used various methods to raise the amount, including a "very successful" Movember Blind Dates show at Flyde Bar to help bring awareness to the cause.

A special shoutout must go to ‘Old Boy’ Ross Bullock, who raised £490 by himself! An impressive feat, and all culminating in a great cause for charity.

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'Old Boy' Ross Bullock, sporting a fantastic 'stache.

Speaking on their efforts, Community Exec and Movember Team Captain Joe De Jaegar told The Lancaster Tab: "As a club we have taken an active role against mental health issues over the last few years. This includes starting welfare sessions on Tuesday night where players can come and talk in a group or on a 1-1 basis, about anything they may be struggling with.

"Our fundraising efforts with movember over the recent years, having gone from £3,000, £9,200, £10,900 in the last three years, has been an indication of how the boys have got behind this."

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A magnificent moustache being rocked by team member Jonnie Cooper.

Adam Lambe, the Union's Head Social Secretary, also stated: "Movember is an amazing charity to work with and their cause is so important. I couldn't be prouder of all the lads in the club for their attitude and support throughout the month and the final total was staggering."