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We found the best Movember tashes from Lancs uni and rated them on vibes, style and attempt

The good, the bad and the furry

November is finally over and so is Movember. Many sports teams have raised money for charity by growing moustaches.

The American football team have managed to raise an incredible £1,045 from 28 team members and the Lacrosse team have also raised an impressive £1,000 as a club. Well done teams.

So in honour of this great accomplishment, the Lancs Tab is here to rate these 'tash attempts' based on: vibes, style, execution and effort.

Maks Hadys

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You can clearly see the effort and commitment he has put into growing this tash.

Vibes: 4/5 – The tash looks good, lack of beard makes it more prominent and tbh its a vibe.

Style: 3/5 – Could use a little more styling, but you have achieved the goal nonetheless.

Execution: 3/5 – A little patchy, but you only had a month.

Attempts: 4/5 – Good effort.

Dom Pickston

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While you have clearly tried, it is not the most remarkable on this list.

Vibe: 1/5 – Not the best vibe from this tash, one star.

Style: 2/5 – The style of this tash is better than its vibe, but still isn't gold medal worthy.

Execution: 3/5 – A good effort, points deducted for its delicate nature, points added for furriness.

Attempt: 3/5 – Decent.

Archie Maheswaran

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This is definitely one of the best moustaches of the bunch. Congratulations for succeeding in growing such an impressive tash.

Vibes: 4/5 – You suit a moustache, maybe you have been doing Movemeber every year and have trained for this moment?

Style: 4/5 – This tash goes above and beyond the expectations of Movember.

Execution: 5/5 – This is a fully formed tash.

Attempts: 5/5 – 100% for effort here.

Alastair Mair

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While this moustache may not be winning the race, it definitely gets a medal for effort. This one is just your average tash, it's there but does it provide a good vibe? You decide.

Vibes: 2/5 – Maybe it could use a bit more work, but is a tash all the same.

Style: 3/5 – A bit patchy in the middle, it has to be said.

Execution: 3/5 – Average.

Attempts: 3/5 – You tried.

Aleksander Cvetkov

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This moustache has style! Definitely a success.

Vibes: 4/5 – This tash has good vibes only.

Style: 5/5 – One of the best styled tashes in the race.

Execution: 4/5 – Well done indeed.

Attempts: 5/5 – You can see the hard work and dedication that has been put in and it's paid off.

Jack Watson

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Movember is all about raising money for charity as well as having fun with trying to grow the best moustache. While this one probably doesn't make it into the top 3, it deserves recognition all the same.

Vibes: 2/5 – This tash does have potential, maybe you should keep growing it out.

Style: 3/5 – Not the best of styling, could be improved.

Execution: 2/5 – Not the best execution of tashes, but it still counts.

Attempts: 3/5 – It's taking part that counts.

Harrison Miller

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Looks great. Very full and of consistent colour.

Vibes: 2/5 – thicc vibes.

Style: 3/5 – some consistency in those flicks.

Execution: 1/5 – you tried!

Attempts: 0/5 – better luck next year.

Alessandro Sardo

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Another great contender. This trash stands alone and it works well. Congrats on the successful tash!

Vibes: 3/5 – Looks good but could be improved.

Style: 4/5 – Stylish and well shaped.

Execution: 3/5 – While it is well executed, with more time it could have trumped them all.

Attempts: 4/5 – A very fine effort.

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