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UCLan confession page facing legal action from the uni due to ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’

The page was described as ‘offensive’

The University of Central Lancashire is facing legal action from the uni against their confession page UCLanFess.

In a message to the page admin the University states: "The University has been alerted to some distressing messaged being posted in this unofficial UCLan Facebook page. Please be aware that the University of Central Lancashire does not condone this behaviour and will take necessary action against it."

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"All current students of the University sign a student contract, and as part of that, we set out our values and vision. Bullying and harassment of any sort, including on social networks is not tolerated. As such, any allegations will be taken seriously and acted upon appropriately.

"Due to the nature of this group, we request that it is immediately closed down and we will be contacting Facebook directly to report the offensive nature of the group."

"In the message the Uni also states that they will be taking legal action against the confessions page: "The University of Central Lancashire is the owner of a number of trademarks covering the name "UCLan" and the University's logos.

"This page also breaches this legal consent, which is an infringement of the University's registered trademark."