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The SU is holding a referendum on the Sugarhouse sale

LUSU to back #SaveSugar?

Lancs SU have voted to hold a referendum on the Sugarhouse sale.

Following LUSU's executive committee meeting last night, a general meeting was held, where a motion to have a referendum on the sale of The Sugarhouse was tabled.

In a move supporting the growing movement that opposes the sale of the student nightclub to housing developers, local councillors took to the floor of the SU's meeting to propose a general meeting of the Union, in a bid to force the SU to halt their plans of selling the popular nightclub.

The news follows momentum created by City Councillor Jack O'Dwyer-Henry with his "Save our Sugar" petition. At an SU meeting, he said: "There has never been an issue which has activated and interested so many students."

The petition currently has a total of over 5,000 signatures (LUSU website and and vocal support from MP Cat Smith, and Lancaster alumni James May.

The date of the referendum is yet to be announced.