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Vote for Lancaster’s Maddest Fresher: The second heat

Even more crazy freshers, but who will win?

So we saw some absolute beauts last time, from pole dancing aliens to less than perfect family photos… but what's on the cards this time?

Anna Clements

Anna's antics are pretty wild. She's seen chipped teeth, A&E trips, emergency dental care in London, the works. Imagine all of that in ONE WEEK! She's most well known for running round her flat naked four times just asking for a condom, or throwing washing up gloves out of someone else's window. She also wouldn't go home with someone because she didn't have a tampon and was later found outside Maccies. Whatever floats your boat.

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Just a standard night out for Anna

Anna Simpson

Anna's night was pretty standard at first, she's not the first Lancaster student to vom outside of Maccies after a social. However, not many try to play darts with a sharp kitchen KNIFE and the kitchen noticeboard in their flat whilst smashed. Obviously, this ended up in a nightmare, slicing four of her fingers open and ending up in A&E. If you think this story ends there, you're wrong, Anna sliced her nerves, arteries and tendons and had to get finger surgery. She's still attending finger physio to this day.

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Gracing A&E with her drunken spirit

Ben Dulake

Ben is quite a light weight really, five cans and he's done by 9:30, BUT he is deffo there for a GOOD time not a LONG time. During curry club, Ben pulled a group of ladies at a 50th party, his flirting was quite a hit until he stole their cake. He also infamously downed a 10p coin after having his drink coined in Yorkies, what a rookie error. After drunkenly high-fiving someone and fracturing his thumb, we're wondering whether he'll learn from his mistakes, but nah he assures us he will be back out with the rugby league lads immediately.

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Ben and his milf

Alex Turner

This legend only needs two cans and a few steins to have the greatest night of his life. He doesn't remember much, and neither do his flatmates but apparently he's pretty wild lol. He had a pretty great time with Pende's Ant the Astronaut during the campus bar crawl, not that he'd remember.

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Giving good old Ant a good time (I literally watched this image happen)

What next?

Cast your vote and the winner of heat two will take on the winner of week one… so who will it be?