Best places to pull in time for Valentine’s Day

Who even uses Tinder anymore?

Valentine’s day is coming up soon and either you’re happily in love with your partner (for now) or you’re single as a Pringle and just do not want to be alone, crying into a tub of Ben and Jerrys whilst watching Bridget Jones.

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with the top places to pull, just in time for Valentine’s day.


Every time I have been to Hustle I have had some sort of a success and it’s a guaranteed formula. Three J-bombs and you’ll be in heaven. Lucky for you, Hustle is open almost all week, meaning you could be in their trying your luck every day up until Saturday night. Now no one can guarantee the kind of man/woman you will encounter, maybe a UCUM student, maybe a 50-year-old local, who knows.

But at least you won’t be alone on Valentine’s day.

The Library

Although the Library can be one of the most annoying places in the world, there are some genuinely nice people in there and it could all start from a “is anyone sitting here” and who knows where that spark might lead to.

Also it would probably be a good time to actually interact with your Library bae and not just stare at them over the top of your textbook. People are usually quiet in the library and so if you are scared of rejection at least they will only whisper it.

Williamson Park

So, you have been speaking to this crush for a while now but need to actually meet them in person before dropping the V bomb. Take them for a walk, recent studies have shown that the best first date is simply a walk and Williamson Park is a beautiful place to do it.

Home of the Ashton Memorial, you could easily spend a couple of hours in the park and really get to know one another. Who knows, after that, maybe Netflix and Chill won’t seem too daunting.


This may seem like the worst suggestion but hear it out. You’ve had a great night out with your friends, danced your heart away to Justin Bieber and Craig David and now you just need that Big Mac. The que is always huge and a playground for cheesy chat-up lines and easy conversation. Take advantage of this and chat to the nearest person and see what happens.

One chip leads to another and next thing you know, you’re exchanging numbers ready for Sunday night.

Pendle Live

Again, many may call me out on this suggestion but there is some solid theory behind it. Pendle Live is Pendle college’s weekly live music event which is usually followed by some free food. A packed out Pendle Rooms, lots of like minded people who are active enough to get out and clearly socialise. If you can’t find someone to talk to here, you’d be losing anyway.

Good music, adequate food, great conversation all topped off by Pendle’s cheap drinks. You would be a fool not to use Pendle as solid hunting ground. A few people have successfully executed this formula so it is tried and tested.


Obviously, chat-up lines and winky faces are not necessarily acceptable in lectures and seminars, unless you study drama, but think about it. You spend a whole term or whole year in a room with these people and I guarantee there is someone who tickles your fancy even a little bit. Have a major throwback and pass them a note, speak to them after the lecture and see where things go. Even better if you can sit next to them and say it in person so it is not as creepy. It is quite probable that you have these people on Facebook too so there is no reason why you could not continue a conversation and take them out.

Be Brave. Be Bold.