When was the last time you cried?

Dry your eyes mate

Alexander Square Crying Lancaster student

Big girls don’t cry? Well, er, actually loads do. And don’t forget about the Big boys too.

So, when did you last cry, and why? We had a stroll round Alexandra Square to find out.

Nehal Parekh, 19, Mathematics


“Last year I trapped my hand in the door and was like fuck, and then a little tear dropped out, otherwise I can’t remember really.”

Anna Wang, 20, English Literature


“A couple days ago because I’m a third year. Isn’t that reason enough?

“I was writing this essay with my friend and it was really close to the deadline, and I was like I think I might take a crying break.

“My friend asked me ‘Dude what’s wrong?’ and I was like, ‘No, I’m just stressed, I need a break to just stop and cry for a little while’.”

Anna Konstantinou, 20, Law


“I think I was just drunk.”

Laura Martin, 19, Politics and International Relations

It's all a bit too much!

It’s all a bit too much

“Okay last time I cried I think it was last Wednesday, and it was because I had an essay to hand in on Thursday and I was like ‘It’s not going very well!’… that’s when I broke.”

Rahoul Naik, 19, European Management with Spanish

Started from the bottom now we're here...

Started from the bottom now we’re here…

“I cried around this time a year ago – I thought I was going to fail my history A-level and not get in to Lancaster and just legit broke down.

“But here I am now so fuck history.”