Meet the KCL Women’s Basketball team going against UCL at Varsity this year

‘Tis the season

KCL’s very own women’s basketball team will be facing UCL in this year’s Varsity match, which will take place on Sunday 20th March at UEL SportDock. To cheer on Team KCL and any of these ladies below, you can buy tickets here. Read on to learn more about each team member:

Co-Captain: Helena A, second-year Engineering with Management

Position: Guard

Known for: Sudden bursts of Spanish.

Notable quote: “Toma que toma!”

Co-Captain: Isabel H, second-year European Politics

Position: Forward

Known for: Apologising every time she accidentally hits a player during training.

Notable quote: “I need you to slap me to wake me up.”

Natalie W, second-year Physiotherapy

Position: Guard

Known for: Horrifying workouts at 7 am.

Notable quote: “I’ll make you run.”

Caterina S, third-year Mathematics

Position: Guard

Known for: Being the first team’s one brain cell and the mum.

Notable quote: “LET’S GO KINGSSSSS!”

Ida P, second-year Political Economy

Position: Centre

Known for: Having wild nights out and the ability to bike anywhere without breaking a sweat.

Notable quote: “I’m not going out if there’s no pres.”

Olivia P, first-year PPE

Position: Centre

Known for: Incredibly wide wingspan.

Notable quote: “OMG I JUST DID MY LAUNDRY!” (after accidentally dropping clean clothes during a pregame warmup)

Nishtha G, first-year Law

Position: Centre

Known for: Providing hilarious in-game commentary.

Notable quote: “Hey I’m open! No wait, just kidding!”

Rusaith C, masters Marketing

Position: Forward

Known for: Being the third ref in games.

Notable quote: “Foul her harder next time.”

Ashley N, third-year Nursing

Position: Guard

Known for: Making Tik Toks and post-training snacks.

Notable quote: “Does this ref know BASKETBALL?!”

Reina A, first-year Business Management

Position: Guard

Known for: Her face mask.

Notable quote: “I like taking risks.” (Then proceeds to get punched in the face during a game after refusing to wear her face mask)

Yvonne C, second-year Neuroscience and Psychology

Position: Forward

Known for: Screaming at every inconvenience in the court.

Notable quote: “Everyone in this game is stupid, except us of course.”

Klara K, second-year Business Management

Position: Post

Known for: Managing to get the team in front of the line for anything.

Notable quote: “Our professor was impressed by how much practices our first team has, thank god he didn’t ask us how much we’ve won.”

Julia S, third-year Molecular Biology

Position: Post

Known for: Boxing out two players and causing them to fall over simultaneously.

Notable quote: “I would kill her in the paint.”

Maria G, masters Neuroscience

Position: Forward

Known for: Coming 30 minutes late to practice and wearing neon shoes and socks.

Notable quote: Not a quote, but smiling after viciously blocking someone.

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