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What the emojis you have in your bio say about you

Emoji might as well be recognised as an official language by now.


Who knew that Emojis could say so much about your personality?

That little, tiny symbol that you put in your Insta or Twitter bio for the world to see probably says a lot more about your character than you think.

If you've ever wondered what your emoji says about you, we've answered it.

?? Union Jack

They probably study at Durham or Exeter and are from one the home counties. Known for singing ‘Jerusalem’ at sports night after a few too many. They think tweed looks good on them and somehow always has rosy cheeks. Their Insta is filled with pics of them shooting or skiing in Vally D. Has a labrador back home in Surrey called Jasper. Will play devil’s advocate in seminars unprovoked.

? The Shoot

You’re a vegan and you want people to know it. Caroline Lucas is THAT bitch and climate change is almost always on your mind. Definitely has a Fjällräven Kånken bag and a Chilly’s reusable water bottle. Recently bought a metal straw and won’t shut up about it. You’ll find this person in the comments section defending Greta Thunberg against Donald Trump.

?? Princess

Queen of Fiat 500 Twitter. Profile pics include her wearing questionable amounts of fake tan. She preaches about being kind but definitely prone to sharing clips of Piers Morgan. Thinks she has actual credibility because a few of her Tweets banged even though she’s never read a book in her life. Definitely voted for Molly-Mae in the Love Island final. You’ll probably find her tweeting about ordering a Chinese or how her boyfriend cheated on her in Ayia Napa.

??‍⚖️ Judge and Gavel

We get it, you’re a Law student. Binge-watched Suits once and decided that’s what you wanted to base your career and entire personality off. Thy spend long hours in the library and probably has a crippling cocaine problem. They probably think Legally Blonde deserved an Oscar. Currently in the process of applying to a million vacation schemes. Thinks they work harder than everyone else at their uni. Might be right.

? Smirking face

Obviously a fuckboy. Still uses snapchat despite the fact they’re now in their twenties. Lives in the gym and Adam Collard is who they aspire to be. Known for wearing excruciatingly tight tops on nights out with equally tight white jeans. Overdue an STI check. Find them in Bijoux buying triples for 18-year-olds.

? Sunflower

Studies geography or anthropology. Probably at Bristol. Loves dinner parties and their tote bag. Prone to using the phrase ‘Why can’t everyone just get on?’ Hates confrontation so on the fence about most things. Just like sunflowers, you’re a bit of a follower. You’re a Centrist and that’s okay.

? Moneybag

Economics or business student convinced they’re on the cusp of becoming a billionaire. Definitely watches the Apprentice and their favourite film is the Wolf of Wall Street. Grad job in investment banking lined up at JP Morgan once they graduate from LSE. Elon Musk is their hero.

? Sunshine

Thinks they’re edgier than they are. Probably goes to Leeds. Loves Depop and rocking 00s trends. Lives in her flares. Wouldn't be seen dead without hoops. Currently binge-watching Euphoria. Claims to be skint all the time but can somehow afford spontaneous trips to Thailand.

? Red flag

You’re a Marxist. Your messenger bag is covered in slogan badges and you’ve got a crumpled Che Guevara t-shirt on at all times. Willing to defend Jeremy Corbyn to the death. Proud to declare themselves a socialist but hesitant to call themselves a feminist. That’s fine though because they’ve probably never spoken to a woman anyway.

So there we have it. Maybe think a bit more about which emoji in your Twitter bio next time.

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