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A definitive list of the best places to cry at Guy’s Campus

Take it from an expert

If there's one thing I'm a professional at, it's bursting into tears at unhelpful times. Sad? Cry. Happy? Cry. Laugh, yawn, or breathe too hard? Cry.

In response to a Kiss College London post, we've compiled the best places you can have a quick cry (or full sob session) on campus.

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Overall Winner: The Chapel

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The Guy's Campus chapel

There's never anyone in the chapel so you're free to have quick cry in peace. Also, you could whip out a couple of prayers and hope that some divine force will extend your deadlines and fill your bank account.

Comfiest Nap Spot: Addison House Red Chairs

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Addison House – the red chairs

f you're a shameless crier with no need for privacy, just sit in the break room comfy chairs and let the tears flow. Also, Addison house is full of psych students if you want to have a long talk about your sad childhood memories.

Emergency Cry Spot: Library Phonecall Booth

In the library and suddenly get overcome by existential dread? Run to the weird interview pod and let your sobs really test the soundproofing. The only downside is that the walls are glass so your smudgy-mascara raccoon eyes can be viewed by the entire library.

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Soundproof booths at Guys

Honourable Mention: The Gordon Museum

If you just really need to get some crying done so you can move on with your day, go to the Gordon Museum. It's absolutely horrifying and gives you a good reason to cry (trust me, I went once and will never go back.). Plus, you're not allowed to take photos inside so no-one will be able to put your breakdown on Instagram.

Worst Cry Spot: Keats Memorial

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One commenter suggested the Keats memorial as the best place to cry, they're so wrong. Although Keats' statue is a very reassuring cry companion, it's freezing and full of an assortment of broken glass and general rubbish. The last thing you need is to become another sight for the passing tour groups to gawk at.

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Keats Memorial

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