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Introducing: The only rugby team playing in this Varsity that matters

80 minutes, 15 positions… Wanna ruck?

The Women's Rugby Varsity is the biggest event of the London Varsity Series this year, and rightly so. After being crowned LUSL champions, KCLWRFC are stronger than ever and ready to maintain their winning streak, and god help anyone who gets in their way! Without further ado, let's introduce the 2019 Varsity Team!

Sophie Tulloch, History (third year)

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Role: Captain.

Position: Fly Half.

Fun Fact: She was cast as Munchkin Number 3 in a professional production of the Wizard of Oz.

So nice she apologises after tackling people.

Emma Kinnaird, Psychological Medicine (third year PhD)

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Role: President.

Position: Scrum Half.

Fun Fact: She used to spend school holidays attending music band camps.

Becomes 85 per cent more Scottish during scrums.

"Give me the ball you bitch!"

Mina Tümay, Liberal Arts Film Major (third year)

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Role: Social Secretary

Position: Scrum Half

About: Beyond obsessed with rugby boys, her greatest skill is coming up with an excuse to avoid downing a pint, her biggest kink is being tackled.

Lucia Blackmore, History (boo) (third year)

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Role: Social Secretary.

Position: Prop/second row.

Fun fact: Just won Hunk of the Year. Goes to Heaven so much she has a loyalty card. Has lived at Dover Castle since 2016.

Down for anything unless it's dating. Single AF.

Angharad Jones, Medicine (third year)

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Role: Fixtures Secretary.

Position: Hooker.

Fun Fact: Her best friend plays hooker for Royal Holloway! Secretly plays the bagpipes.

Is being courted by a man who works at Sainsbury's. A modern tale of unrequited love.

May or may not turn up to play Varsity in a kilt.

Tash Sice, History (third year)

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Role: Treasurer.

Position: Prop.

Interests: Sleeping literally anywhere, is a badass cook (you should try her spag bol, it's life changing).

We were going to write a fact about Tash but she's just one living fact.

Got asked to "describe Winston Churchill in one word" on a Comedy Central quiz show. Despite being a history student, her answer was "Winston Churchill".

Paz Bombo, Geography (we've lost count of what year she's in at this point tbh)

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Role: Fitness.

Position: Number 8, Flanker.

Fun Fact: Has been on this team since King's was founded.

"Ginger biscuit dealer" – Paz about herself.

Megan Hawkes, Spanish and Portuguese (second year)

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Role: O2 Touch Ambassador.

Position: Flanker.

"I'm a massive pisshead ."

Goes to A&E, comes back to sesh in crutches, then ditches her crutches cause "they get in the way".

Cecile Bigot, Spanish and Portuguese (second year)

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Position: Second row/Flanker

Fun Fact: She has a lifetime ban from Waitrose and John Lewis. Don't tell her mother.

Desperation Level: Tags herself in every Kiss College London post

You can't count the number of times Cecile has been to lectures this year on one hand, because she hasn't been to any.

Rhianan Osborne, Medical Physiology (second year)

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Position: Second row.

"I was named after the Fleetwood Mac song ‘Rhiannon’ but my dad spelt it wrong."

Got a Tropical Disease from kissing a stray Dog. Will she be at Varsity or in Quarantine? Come down to find out.

Louise Martin, International Relations (second year)

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Position: Fullback/Wing/try-saving-tackle extraordinaire.

Loves rugby almost as much as she loves Niall.

Fun Fact: She speaks… English?

Ariane Cornall, Geography (first year)

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Position: Wing.

Fun Fact: she has two pet sheep.

Survives on a diet exclusively made up of poppadoms.

So dedicated to the sesh that you only need to look at her pint for her to down it.

Sarah Tsoi, Law (first year)

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Position: Wing.

"I am not Ronnie."

Ditches the sesh to attend a raffle draw at a law party to try and win a ticket to Europe (spoiler alert she didn’t win anything).

"I actually am Ronnie."

Hannah Evans, Forensic Mental Health (Masters – fifth year at uni)

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Position: Prop/Number 8

"I live my life by the motto that technically if you don’t cut a cake and just eat the whole thing with a fork you still only had one piece.



Abbie McGregor, Law (second year)

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Position: Second Row.

"It's not cheating if it's a girl".

“Wow, what a woman” – Cecile Bigot, 2019.

Andrea Handal, Nursing (second year)

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Position: 12/wherever Cecile is.

Fun Fact: She speaks five languages (and counting). Ask Cecile.

Sonia Ubong, Medicine (second year)

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Position: Second Row/Back Row/Amazonian Warrior.

Fun Fact: She's flakier than a Cadbury's Flake. "No. I just significantly change my mind."

Every other word that comes out of her mouth is "Cubana". We think she likes it?

Has the WORST gaydar in the world.

Ronnie Ng, Biomedical Engineering (first year)

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Position: Wing/Juul ambassador.

"I am not Sarah".

Fun Fact: Got smashed at centurion and cracked out the vape like a fucking G.

"Jk I actually am Sarah".

Zoonii Kayler, Molecular Genetics (third year)

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Position: Flank/upside down.

The buffest gal you will ever meet, so strong that her tackles will knock you into the next century. She's like the M4: has two hard shoulders.

Fun Fact: She prepares for rugby games by pole dancing.

Katarina Martinovic, Theoretical Physics (first year PhD)

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Position: Centre.

"I only have four knuckles. True story."

Lally Duncan, Intelligence and International Security (first year Masters)

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Position: Flanker/Second Row.

Fun Fact: She's a triplet. Her sisters are called Mally and Pally.

Rosie Allen, Politics, Philosophy and law (second year)

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Position: Prop.

Fun Fact: She has the wonkiest little finger out there!

Louise Pech, Politics, Philosophy and Law (fourth year)

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Position: Wing/Centre.

Fun Fact: She can down a glass of champagne by putting the whole glass in her mouth. When she gets stressed she also puts her fist in her mouth… The whole thing.

Aisling Madden, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (second year)

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Role: Media and Communications Secretary.

Fact: Is a Great British Champion and World runner up in Irish Dancing. Her father is Johnny Sexton.

Tune in for match commentary and punditry from Aisling with Christopher Sharp at 18:30.

The clash against UCL is on Friday 15th March, Allianz Park NW4 1RL, KO 18:30. This is the highlight of the London Varsity Series and not something to be missed! For more details, check out the KCLWRFC instagram @kclwrfc.