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New card turnstiles have been installed at Strand Campus as part of the new security measures by King’s staff

The queues are going to get so much longer

As a result of the latest security worries, King's Strand Campus has now caught up to speed and installed new card turnstiles to monitor students as they enter and leave the university.

Previously, students have been monitored since September by several staff in rotas checking ID cards, but checks have proved that this is not enough to regulate the income of students everyday.

The card turnstiles were installed over the weekend and will be in use from this week onwards. A total of six have been installed, four dedicated to incoming and two for outgoing.

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Several worries have been raised by students for the queue time increasing to get into the building – as the main entrance is usually crowded with smokers, the system installed in September created longer waiting times due to the compulsory nature of showing ID cards.

Ironically, on it's first day of testing, the doors have remained open and students are not being checked – but the backlog of everyone streaming in at 9am this morning created a wait time of 10 minutes to get in.

A spokesperson on behalf of King's has reached out to say: "Speedgates, similar to those in use at Bush House and King’s libraries, were installed in the Strand Campus main reception to improve flow, reduce bottlenecking and support the increase in security across the university.

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"The King’s security approach seeks to strike a balance between maintaining the safety of our staff, students and visitors, while also preserving the welcoming and accessible atmosphere King’s is renowned for as a world leading learning and teaching organisation.

"King’s has a range of security measures in place to protect its students, staff and visitors which are continually under review and improvement. All of these measures are aimed at meeting both our student and staff requirements through the adoption of industry and government best practice. We also work closely with external subject matter experts, and the UK security services to understand the implications of the security levels in the UK and how our security measures should be implemented, reviewed, and adapted in response to them."