Back to the Future Day has arrived

Watch out for Keith Lemon in the DeLorean

back to the future liverpool students

The classic 1980s film tried to predict a number of futuristic expectations for 2015 which were not surprisingly far off our reality.

October 21st is the date that Back to the Future hero Marty McFly travels to in the second part of the iconic trilogy.

James Jones, a second year Journalism student, from Liverpool said “I think it’s brilliant that it’s getting its own day and it totally deserves one. It’s an iconic film that’s a must watch!”

Aside from working self-lacing trainers, hoverboards and flying cars, the film was surprisingly accurate in predicting the technology of 2015 inculding wearable technology, tablet computers, films being shown in 3D and the development of computer games played without controllers.

Take your mums as a tribute to Marty

Take your mums as a tribute to Marty

If you fancy celebrating the milestone age for the film then the Liverpool ONE ODEON are screening the famous movie trilogy back-to-back starting at 6.30pm tonight.

Only 10 ODEON cinemas were selected across the UK to host the event.

If ODEON cinema prices aren’t within your student budget then a night in to watch McFly’s adventures through time will be shown back-to-back on ITV 2 starting at 4.20pm.

During the special screening, ITV 2 regular and BTTF fanatic Keith Lemon will host a celebratory special with a whole host of his celebrity pals.

In a press release Keith said: “Never did I think 30 years I’d be on telly doing a ‘docu-com’ about 30 years of Back t’ Future. It’s well documented that I’m a massive BTTF fan but I’m not well documented for mecking documentaries. I feel like a geeky 40 year old virgin, except I’m not 40 and I’ve had loads of sex!”

He also reflects on his first encounter with the Michael J. Fox classic.

“I can still remember the smell of popcorn and the pissy floor of the cinema I first saw it in. We went t’ see Santa Claus the movie but it’s was full so me mum said ‘why don’t we see that future film it’s got skateboards in it, ya like skateboards don’t ya”. I use t’ skateboard. And that was it, I’ve been a fan ever since.”

‘Keith Lemon’s Back T’Future Tribute’ will air in between ITV 2’s Back to the Future film marathon on Wednesday 21st October at 9pm and will be available to add to your Back to the Future collection as a DVD or digital download  from Tuesday 26th October.