We spoke to the Glasgow student who competed at the Commonwealth Games

Neah Evans won three medals

A year ago, we had the privilege of speaking to Neah Evans about her experience of the Tokyo Olympic games. Since then, she has continued to astound us all with her collection of even more medals. We caught up with Neah about her experience of competing at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and what the future holds for her.

We loved speaking to you a year ago and it’s great to hear from you again! We’d love to know about your experience of the Commonwealth Games. How was it?

Commies was really fun, it was a slightly different trip to what I have been used to as I was back with Scottish cycling rather than British cycling, so we had a week in Glasgow before heading to London. (The games were in Birmingham but the velodrome used was in London, the TT was in Wolverhampton and the Road race was in Warwick, so I never actually made it to Birmingham.)

So it was a different feel to other games in that we didn’t really mix with other sports until we arrived in Warwick. I’m glad I’ve been able to experience other major games before as this was so different.

What has been the highlight of the Commonwealth Games?

My road race result. (A silver medal.) I had focused on the track event and I knew I was physically in a good place to get good results. Whereas with the road race it was a bit of an unknown. Having not raced on the road in three years I had low expectations going into it meaning it was even more special, especially when it came down to such a chaotic sprint with many good sprinters involved.

How did the Commonwealth Games compare to the Olympics?

For the Olympics I was part of the team pursuit squad rather than racing as a individual which brings about different pressures. As I said before we were in a separate location for the track events which was the same as for the Olympics. Commies had much bigger crowds and supporters which was really fun, they really got behind the action and helped create a mega atmosphere.

What else have you been up to in the last year?

This year for me has really been about the Commies and prepping for it. I haven’t done much racing – Nationals and one World Cup round. The rest has all been training. Which has meant that keeping on top of uni work has been a lot easier. I can get into a good routine without much travelling to disrupt it.

How has the university supported you?

Glasgow Uni have always been really supportive of my cycling and helping me achieve a good balance. So far this year I haven’t needed to ask for any extensions. (I’ve had to previously when there was a clash with a race.) My programme is online which allows me to be super flexible.

What competitions do you have coming up in the future?

I am just back from the European Champs. Unfortunately, they didn’t go as well as I would have liked with 4th place finishes. Then I have a slightly chilled few days before I start my final preparation for the World Championships in six weeks. After that I will do a few more races which will be a bit more relaxed and less serious to finish off the year.

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