We Spoke to the Koko Barista that Glasgow Uni Students are crushing on

He used to be a model in Milan


Matteo Sean, barista at Koko on Byers Road, has gotten a lot of attention from students at the University of Glasgow. We asked some questions to get to know the former model who can be found on Instagram as @matteo.sean.yi.

Instagram; @matteo.sean.yi

Hi Sean, tell us more about you – how did you end up working at Koko here in Glasgow?

“I moved to Glasgow one year ago, I came during the lockdown and… I ended up working at Koko.

I came here to Scotland because unfortunately I had to quit working as a model in Milan because of the pandemic, living in Milan during the quarantine was very expensive without model work and was actually very difficult to pay the rent.”

Speaking of Koko, what’s your go-to order?

“I don’t know ahah. It a tiny coffee shop with a few items in the menu, we almost sell everything every day because the food and the drinks are very good in general.”

Instagram: @matteo.sean.yi

What was your reaction when you saw the confession about you on The Tab’s Instagram page?

“I was actually impressed! I was confused because I don’t even study at the University of Glasgow so realising that I am known by a lot of students was funny.”

I am sure there are a lot of readers wondering.. are you single right now? What is your type?

“Yes, I am single at the moment. I don’t have a specific type, I don’t really care if a girl is nice looking or not. I prefer an honest person, someone to share my feelings and have a chat every day, walking and talking about everything and knowing each other every single day a little bit better. I am very shy usually but after a while I start being myself.”

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