We spoke to the Glasgow Uni students involved in Movember

‘It’s important to me because of all the wonderful men in my life’


Movember, a campaign held throughout the month of November, is important in raising awareness for men’s mental health and testicular cancer. The Tab Glasgow caught up with the various societies involved with Movember to ask them how it went.

Glasgow University Football Club

“I think that Movember is a great cause and sheds light on a number of aspects of men’s health especially mental health which widely affects a number of people, especially students and people of our age. Having personally seen the effects of mental health on friends and family, Movember was something I was very keen to get involved in and it was great seeing other members of the club and students at the uni getting so involved with it. Not being able to grow the best of moustaches you get the occasional joke but in the end everyone knows it’s all for a good cause which is the whole point of Movember.”

Glasgow University Muay Thai

“I really enjoyed being part of Movember! I’ve never done it before but took part along with the Muay Thai team this year. It’s important to me because of all the wonderful men in my life and I think it’s a really good cause to support. My family were really supportive of my running, they know I’m not a big runner so it was a real challenge for me!”

Glasgow University Rugby Club

“Loved taking part in Movember, third year doing it and what the charity do is great work. Their charity help raise awareness for men’s mental health and testicular cancer which are two huge things I believe need highlighted more with men. My friends and family always like seeing my moustache progress (even if it isn’t that notable) and have donated to me every year.”

Student Theatre at Glasgow

“I really enjoyed taking part in Movember. It was not only for a great cause but also was fantastic to have a reason to force myself to get fresh air every day going on lots of walks and runs! Movember is so important to me because for so long men’s mental health has been ignored and we can see that from the awful suicide rates. It’s such a fantastic charity raising money for really important problems. I wanted to get to participate in raising money and promoting a charity which could end up helping my brother, dad or friends in the future! My family and friends loved that I was doing it! I was walking soooo much so I was feeling fantastic and they could see how great I felt. Also, it was great to get to talk to them all about the charity and get them all thinking about it!”

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