My experience visiting the Purrple Cat Cafe

Cats, milkshakes, the dream life…

It can be frustrating that as a student, many of us are not allowed to bring pets to our halls or flats. Luckily we have the Purrple Cat Cafe, a short walk from the city centre. Far bigger and friendlier than the cat cafe in Edinburgh, this one is ideal for students missing their pets from home. It costs £8 to book a visit.

Upon entering, the place felt incredibly spacious, with plenty of room for the cats to roam around. One also felt very safe as the staff members were apt at following government guidelines,  even telling off customers who weren’t obeying the rules. There was also a safety video to watch before meeting the cats.

Once hearing of all the procedures, I ordered myself a milkshake and panini and waited for the cats to arrive.

The cats adored my table. One cat seemed obsessed with my milkshake, leaping onto the table to lick some of the cream. Then other cats joined my table, meaning that of all the customers, I was the one most surrounded by cats.

They loved the toys on offer and were soon running around the cafe, chasing after the ribbons we had offered them. Others were quite lazy, opting to doze by the window instead. The only slight criticism was that the cats really weren’t that interested in being petted, seeming slightly agitated whenever I tried to stroke them.

Other than that, they were definitely more fun than the cats at the Edinburgh cat cafe. I had visited that place three years ago and had felt disappointed at how unengaged the capital city cats were.

All too soon, my hour was up and it was time to leave. Whilst I probably won’t be back until the new term, I’d highly recommend this to any fellow mad cat lady at Glasgow. (And even better, I hear the place is hiring new staff, if one visit isn’t enough!)