All of the mental health services available at Glasgow uni

This year has been tough on a lot of students

CW: Discussion of mental health

It is currently mental health awareness week 2021, which is an opportunity for students to focus on achieving good mental health. We have compiled a list of all of the services available to students at University of Glasgow, and how to access them.

Counselling and Psychological Services

The Counselling and Psychological Services is open and is currently offering remote appointments that students can book using this link.  After applying, students will be offered a 50 minute consultation appointment and then will have the opportunity to register for ongoing therapy. When services are in person again, they are located at 67 SouthPark Avenue, which is situated on the street behind the reading room.

GU Nightline

Nightline is a service that offers students support, currently available from 7pm-Midnight, Monday to Friday. There are trained and dedicated students on the other end of the phone or online messaging service that can give support on a wide range of issues, at times that you may be most vulnerable. You can access the instant messaging service online.

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Mental health first aid

University of Glasgow has introduced Scotland’s mental health first aid, which aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and create contact for staff and students who need help with their poor mental health. There are a number of allocated Mental health first aiders for each course that students can contact if they seek immediate help. The first aiders are here to listen to any problems you might have, and to assist with coping strategies that may help in the short term.

GU Positive Minds

GU Positive Minds is a student led organisation that sets you up with a fellow student that you can turn to for advice. Under ‘non-COVID’ situations you would meet your fellow student, however during lockdown virtual meetings were set up over Zoom and you were able to get in touch with them for advice on various matters throughout the day.

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SRC Advice Centre

The Advice Centre is an advice, information and representation service provided by the SRC for all Glasgow University students. The Advice Centre offer free and confidential advice on wide range of subjects including health and safety, accommodation and money, benefits and taxes.


Togetherall is an online community available 24/7 for people with low mental health. It is free to join for University of Glasgow students if they use their student email, and aims to provide both peer support, as  well as professional support from trained counsellors, and offers a range of resources and creative tools to help people express themselves.

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Society welfare officers

Most GUSA societies and other clubs have a dedicated and trained welfare officer as part of the committee, whose role it is to provide support for students in any way they need.

Your advisor

Every student is allocated an adviser when they enrol at University of Glasgow, that is available to access on the MyCampus page. Advisers are able to contact about a range of different problems you might have, so don’t be afraid to contact them, as they may be able to offer some guidance or point you in the right direction of where you can access further help.

Your lecturers

If you feel like you can’t go to your advisor, then just email a lecturer you trust. They will be more than happy to hear you out and give you advice.

Remember, it’s ok not to be ok.