There have been coronavirus outbreaks in THREE Glasgow uni halls

Including Murano, where students don’t have ensuites

Three University of Glasgow flats have students self-isolating after COVID-19 scares, The Glasgow Tab can confirm.

Following a Fresher’s Week full of house parties being broken up by police, the University of Glasgow confirmed yesterday that they were dealing with “a number” of COVID-19 cases in student residences. Nicola Sturgeon also confirmed in a briefing today that students in Glasgow were responsible for a “significant” outbreak at the uni.

The university accommodations affected are Murano, Queen Margaret, and Cairncross. At least two residents of Murano has been confirmed as COVID-19 positive.

One of the students who tested positive told The Glasgow Tab: “I started isolating Sunday after a positive test result for myself. As far as I know there are a few students [at QM] who have it but I moved from Murano and it is far far worse over there, I think that’s where I contracted the disease.

“I started showing symptoms last Thursday and put if off to a very bad cold. Just fatigued, sore throat and then I lost my smell and partially my taste! So I booked a test, which proved to be difficult, I had to wait until the ARC centre opened on Saturday to get one.”

One of the issues currently facing students in Murano accommodation, the student says, is a lack of ensuites. Murano flats have shared toilets, which effectively makes isolating away from your flates impossible – helping the spread of Covid-19. “We all have ensuites here but Murano don’t,” the student said. “When I was there I felt so unsafe due to shared toilets, gatherings and lack of hygiene. I will say the uni were good for moving me efficiently though.”

Another isolating Queen Margaret student who spoke to The Glasgow Tab is also a staff member at QM accommodation and had interacted with multiple residents. This staff member has not tested positive as of yet.

Students affected have been told to self-isolate with the exception of leaving to get tested. Notices have been placed outside the doors of every isolating flat, warning people away from entering.

A resident at Queen Margaret halls told The Tab they blame the outbreak on numerous social gatherings last week, as new students sought desperately to have a taste of Fresher’s Week. Parties of around 20-30 students in almost every residential block of QM were seen nightly throughout fresher’s, the student said.

Emails to students confirming the outbreaks warn that Police Scotland are issuing fines to party-goers, and warn students to keep a 2m distance from each other at all times.

One email ensures that the Glasgow coronavirus accommodation outbreak is confined to the accommodation only, saying: “It is important to note that the current outbreak is confined to our student residences in Glasgow; our campuses remain safe to visit and use.”

The University of Glasgow have been contacted for comment. Glasgow coronavirus information and guidance can be found here.