Glasgow students found hiding in cupboards to avoid fines as police crash house party

Two men opened the door in dressing gowns pretending to have just woken up

What would you do if you were at a party and the police showed up? Would you run? Would you hide? Would you answer the door in a dressing gown and pretend to have just woken up in a bid to (badly) fool the police? A bunch of students at a party in Hyndland took the last two choices, with unsuccessful results.

At around 1.15am on Saturday morning Police Scotland received a complaint as loud music, screams, shrieking and singing could be heard from a flat.

Police arrived and buzzed the flat but were not allowed in, so contacted the person who had lodged the complaint, who buzzed them in to the accommodation.

The Scottish Mail on Sunday, who were accompanying Police Scotland, reported that as soon as police arrived at the flat the music was switched off and people could be heard running around, giggling, and hushing each other.

Once police threatened to force entry two men in their 20s opened the flat door, with one wearing a dressing gown, saying they’d been asleep.

The police entered the flat and started going through each room, finding more and more people. The Scottish Mail on Sunday claims responses were varied: some laughed at the police while others demanded to see warrants. Once all 23 people were gathered, they received a verbal warning and were sent on their way.

The two hosts were handed an on-the-spot fine, and after the ticket was written out, the officer finished by asking “if they’d be going to bed now,” to which one of them answered “I’m going to have a house party”.

The coronavirus restrictions show no sign of being let up, and the fine for this offence currently stands at £60 (£30 if paid within 28 days).

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