Yunes Enkeshafi

Yunes Enkeshafi
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Drop everything and vote in the final of Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor

It’s time to meet the finalists

Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor: The semi-final

Which of these boys is worthy of winning?

Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round 4

Four more single boys for you to choose from

Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round 3

Who knew there were so many handsome men in Glasgow?

Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round 2

It is going to be hard to vote for just one

Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round 1

The competition is already very steep

Giving with a twist: An Interview with Raise Glasgow

‘Our goal is to encourage students to have a positive mindset towards giving’

The fifth Glasgow’s Love in Lockdown: How are students managing to date during the pandemic?

How have the Covid restrictions affected students dating experiences?

It’s time for the fourth edition of Glasgow’s Love in Lockdown

The juiciest edition so far

Love in Lockdown 3: Students share their dating experiences during Lockdown

Glasgow Students are not going to let a few restrictions get in their way of having a good time

Love in Lockdown 2: Student Dating Experiences during Covid

Have the lockdown restrictions really got in the way of students finding romance?

Love in lockdown: How have Glasgow students been dating during the pandemic?

Have the current restrictions got in the way of Cupid’s arrow?

Glasgow University Muay Thai shortlisted for BUCS Awards Club of the Year

Only three clubs out of the entire UK were shortlisted

Glasgow students fence in the Vice-Chancellor’s university apartment

This comes after the recent tearing down of the fences at University of Manchester

Glasgow Student not enrolled until a month into her course because of ‘technical difficulties’

She has not had access to any of her lectures

Uni of Glasgow promises rent refund following Covid outbreak across all major halls

Students may also be entitled to a £50 payment for food

Glasgow students found hiding in cupboards to avoid fines as police crash house party

Two men opened the door in dressing gowns pretending to have just woken up