How to celebrate Galentine’s Day in Glasgow

Looking for something or someone to do this Galentine’s Day? Grab your single gals and get ready for a wild night. If that’s not your vibe, get together and make some fuzzy blanket cocoons and put some shit romcoms on the telly. Don’t know what Galentine’s Day is? Go watch Parks and Rec Season 2, Episode 6 and thank me later.


PC: NBC Parks and Recreation


With Valentine’s day around the corner and an influx of mushy couple’s things, you might find yourself alone on this supposed “Holiday of Love”. Either recently single, forever alone, or stuck in a situation-ship, forget about all that negativity and grab your single sisters and prepare for a wild night out in Glasgow. Or if going out isn’t your thing, grab some snacks and some fuzzy blankets and prepare for a cosy night in.


Get Your Groove On

PC: The Garage

While Valentine’s Day is marketed as a couple’s holiday, it’s really the day for the singles when it comes to nightlife because let’s be real, who actually goes clubbing with their SO? If you want to keep things strictly a girl’s night, try Firewater where there are unlimited pizza and prosecco until 10 pm and then drink promos till 3 am. If you want to try your luck at love or just want a fun time, then break out your best green outfit and try the traffic light party at The Garage.


A Chill Gal-Pal Date Night

PC: Las Iguanas

Not a fan of being around a bunch of sweaty, horny people in an enclosed space? Yeah me neither. Instead, doll yourself up and treat yourself to dinner at Las Iguanas. If you pre-book dinner you get free churros and their cocktails are 4.50 all day. So, grab some cheeky drinks to wash down those burritos and do what gals do best… gossip.


A Cosy Night In  


Want to avoid all the mushy-gushy couples or just don’t feel like leaving your jammies?  That’s more than ok; grab your gal pals and some snacks and tuck into some cheesy Rom-Coms. I’d recommend Love Rosie or Letters to Juliet for a sappy, but not a too touchy-feely movie. Not into feelings or had enough of love? Then try John Tucker Must Die for more of a fuck the romance stance. Upgrade the night with a cheap bottle of bubbly or wine and smack on a face mask for a fabulous glow.