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Hive shuts down early due to ‘triggered’ fire alarm

Evacuate the dancefloor

Groove Armada GUU Hive

It was set to be the most attended Hive night in history. Last week, Glasgow University Union hosted the legendary Groove Armada and with sponsors schuh providing free entry to all, it was going to be record-breaking attendance.

However, during the set in the Hive nightclub around 1am, the fire alarm unexpectedly went off. With most students believing that the alarm was a part of the music, there was no immediate reaction. Yet, the lights quickly came on and people began to get evacuated by security.

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Students were only allowed back in to get their jackets

Once everyone had been escorted from the building, it soon became apparent that the night had come to an early end. Only those who had left their jackets in the cloakroom were allowed back in to collect them, with the rest being told to go home.

But the following day it was confirmed that there was no real fire and the alarm had actually been set off intentionally.

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The official statement by Glasgow University Union

Whoever set off the alarm was caught on CCTV by the Union although there has been no confirmation who the real culprits actually are. As no one has been publicly identified yet, there have been various theories that there was, in fact, no culprit at all.

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True or false?

This is not the first occasion where the firm alarm has been set off in the Union. One memorable night included the annual Daft Friday Ball in December 2016 when the alarm was set off and all ticket-holders were kept outside in the cold for an hour before being let back in.

If someone did indeed set off the fire alarm, the offender would most likely be banned from the Union for the rest of the academic year.