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Glasgow’s Maddest Fresher 2018: Nominations are now open!

And yes, you can nominate yourself


Coursework is piling up, the flat is in an absolute state and you've still got a lingering freshers' flu. It's fair to say mid-October blues have well and truly kicked in.

Well, fear not. Ladies and gentlemen, to get you through Week Four and this dreadful Scottish weather, we present to you the annual competition to find the maddest fresher in Glasgow.

It's time to nominate that budding alcoholic who shaved their head, the one who tried to pull the bouncer on the dance floor, or maybe that person who woke up outside their room with no clothes on and only cheesy chips and 72p to their name.

All you have to do to nominate someone is fill out the form below! It is time to find the maddest fresher on campus.