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The ultimate Glasgow anti-Valentine’s day guide

Put down that meal for one, wipe away those tears, and embrace that single life

To those of us without a significant other, Valentine's Day can fill you with dread. PDAs are rife and the thought of wandering along Ashton lane alone on February the 14th has about as much appeal as…well, something very unappealing. So much happiness and love everywhere. Quite frankly sickening.

But whether you're embracing single life, or loathing every second, we've got you covered. Simply follow our guide to have yourself the very best V-Day of your life.

1. Get your single pals round and play drinking games

Drink every time you see the following on social media:

1. "Dinner with this one!!"

2. #luckygirl

3. A post at Grill on the Corner.

4. Any relationship update.

You will be drunk. Very drunk.

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2. If you have no single friends play drinking games by yourself

Have a shot every time you receive:

1. A Snapchat from a smug couple.

2. A phone call from your mum checking if you're okay.

3. Any boasting on group WhatsApp about significant others

You're your own BFF anyway – everyone else is kind of annoying.

I literally don't care where he took you to dinner

3. Firewater Icebreaker

Free before 10pm, cheap AF drinks and an icebreaker. Blue bands for single guys and pink for single girls. Wristbands are numbered and if you find your other half – you get a free pitcher. Pretty sweet deal I'd say.

4. Valentine's VS Galentine's at St Judes

Whether you're in a relationship, seeking one, or running away from one, St Judes has you covered. Two for one on steaks all day from 12pm – 9pm or alternatively grab the gals and get a bottle of Prosecco for £15.

5. The Stand Comedy Club's anti-Valentine's night

Don't cry, laugh instead – in a dark basement, with other miserable people, and lots of booze. Tickets are £6 or £5 for a concession.

6. Gin and Platonic at The Bookclub

A safe haven for singletons this V-Say with 'nae winchin' specified in the event details. So grab your mum, dad, dug or gran and get down to Vinicombe St for two courses for £16 or three for £20.

7. WNB singles disco

Good old Bamboo coming at us with free entry and one pound drinks – drown your sorrows the economical way. Who knows, you might even get a cheeky disco winch.

Remember, love is a social construct everyone – happy Valentine's Day!