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Glasgow Uni students plan to occupy the Beer Bar in support of staff strikes

The strikes are due to start in just a few weeks

To show support for the striking staff, Glasgow Uni fourth year Craig Jones has organised a sit-in in Glasgow University Union's Beer Bar.

The event on Facebook, titled 'Support the staff and occupy Beer Bar', has already been a massive hit with around 500 people registering their interest in the event.

When asked how he came up with the idea, Craig said: "It was discussed as a bit of a joke between me and my friends but we then decided that drinking pints was our only effective way of protesting."

The sit-in itself is set to take place on Thursday 22nd February, from 1pm onwards. And with all this spare time on our hands, Craig said: "What better way to fill our time than to head to the beer bar and protest with pints.”

Will it be this many, or more at Beer Bar on the 26th?

Last week we revealed that Glasgow Uni is set to be affected heavily by the upcoming UCU strike which could mean that we are heading into the last full week of lectures.

The strikes have been planned as an agreement with UCU (University and College Union) has not yet been made after proposed cuts to university staff pensions. These cuts could leave them up to £10,000 worse off each year in retirement.

I couldn't think of a better place for a sit in

The strikes could seriously effect some students study hours, and lecturers have warned that they may cause disruption to lectures and hand ins.

With so many people out of class and with nothing else to do, Craig has stated: "My threat to the University, and in particular the principle, is that if this protest goes on for three weeks, I'll have no option but to continue drinking." Cheers to that.

So for all those wanting a slice of the strike action, head down to beer bar on February 22nd, and booze it up in support of all our great staff.