VOTE: What is the most annoying thing on campus?

Surely it’s the revolving door

It’s transpired that the general consensus is the library revolving door is absolutely the worst thing to ever happen to Glasgow Uni. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s just completely annoying.

We’ve decided to run the poll of all polls, the vote of all votes, the democracy of all democracies to finally find out, once and for all, what the most annoying thing on campus is. Can anything beat the revolving door? Vote to find out.

The revolving door

The introduction of Glasgow Uni library’s new door has been controversial from the get go. The revolving nightmare has caused queues and tears as it has spun itself (very slowly) to the top of the podium of incompetence.

It’s a no from me

The Great George Street hill

Aka, Mt. Everest. Seriously, it’s like embarking on a Duke of Edinburgh mission as you plod your way past M and S to the top of this beast. Shin splints are unavoidable, and god-forbid if you’re not wearing your most supportive hiking boots and crampons in winter time. This hill is never-ending and is a nightmare before seminars when you have to sheepishly shuffle into the room with a purple face and sweat droplets running down your forehead.


Credit: Glasgow Uni Memes for Eduroam Hating Teens

Ah. This is a strong contender for the Crown of Annoyance. One minute you decide to work, and the next you’re playing these coy games with me. What do you want? You’re either keen or you’re not. In all seriousness, though, Eduroam is the bane of most Glasgow Uni students’ lives. It always seems to stop working as soon as you’ve got a 75 per cent assignment due, or even when you’re about to tag your best pal in an insane meme. Not good.

The gym lockers 

No token, no entry. Which is the biggest annoyance in the history of mankind when the token looks like every other piece of change in your overcrowded purse. And if you venture up to the free changing rooms, half of them don’t even lock. How else are you supposed to look after your incredibly valuable scruffy backpack with holes in and your bank card which has your life savings on it (approx. five pounds)?

The floating door

But… why

Another door. What… is… the… point? This is the existential question that everyone is plagued by on a daily basis. You know the one – when you’re trudging up library hill, ready to face the revolving door queue of doom, and you look up to see a singular white door suspended in mid air. Yes, art students will scowl at you because it’s to do with famous Scots artist Charles Rennie Macintosh, but it looks a bit funny nonetheless. Annoying.