It’s official: Beer Bar is the best thing about Glasgow Uni

But who came second?

It’s almost been as intense as the recent American presidential election but the people of GU have spoken. So, what was voted the best thing about our University?

Was it the library? The stoic institution of learning which has carried years of students through mental breakdowns and dissertations? Was it Rajous? With his cheeky grin, legendary chat and premier selection of Soops? Or, was it the sheer innovation of the Fraser Building microwave?

Nope, it was in fact none of these. In true stereotypical student style, cheap bevy and day drinking have persevered against all odds and our beloved Beer Bar has been voted the best thing about Glasgow University. From it’s stinky interior and lethal swinging doors to its infamous pints of fun, Beer Bar has clearly won the hearts of GU students everywhere.


Look at those green leather seats – magnificent

Receiving 38% of all votes cast, its landslide victory truly proves the cross-campus universalness of love for the sesh. Whether, you’re a medic, engineer or historian, Beer Bar never discriminates. For second place, it was a nail-bitingly close battle between Rajous and the Fraser Building Microwave, with Rajous just cinching the runner up title.

The official results table goes as follows:

1. Beer Bar (352 votes) 38.39%

2. Rajous (197 votes) 21.48%

3. The Fraser Building microwave (95 votes) 10.36%

4. The Instagram potential (86 votes) 9.38%

5. Five quid burgers on every corner (72 votes) 7.85%

6. Jim’s Bar (52 votes) 5.67%

7. The Library (37 votes) 4.03%

8. The rivalry (26 votes) 2.84%