Third year woken up when bedroom ceiling collapses leaving behind giant hole

‘I woke up to rubble hitting my bed’

When third year Hannah went to sleep on Tuesday evening, she was probably hoping for a peaceful, dream-filled sleep.

What she won’t have been expecting was for her bedroom ceiling to collapse overnight.

For three hours parts of her bedroom ceiling collapsed, sending debris down onto her wardrobe below.

The problem is believed to be linked to a leak in the flat’s kitchen which had started at the weekend.


Hannah said: “It was five in the morning and I heard a crash. I woke up to my bedroom ceiling collapsing, with rubble hitting my bed.”

Hannah’s flatmate said: “She knocked on my bedroom door at 5am telling me her roof had collapsed.

“I thought she was taking the piss, until I went into her room and saw the pile of plaster board which had fallen down onto her cupboard. It could have easily landed on her bed.”


Once the other flatmates were awake, they decided to check all the other rooms for signs of damp and then all slept in the safest room until the morning.

Their inspection made them decide two bedrooms in the West End flat were too unsafe to sleep in.


After reporting the problem, the flat’s landlords quickly arranged for repairs to be made and Hannah’s bedroom is now back to normal.