Ruth Munro

Glasgow Head of Marketing of The Tab

Ruth Munro
Glasgow University


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Beauty disasters we all experienced as teenagers in the early 2000s

So. Much. Mascara.

What your Byres Road supermarket says about you


The best news ever? Paesano Pizza is coming to the West End

We’ve only been waiting for this our entire lives

Ketchup is closing this Saturday

But you can still order it on Deliveroo

The easiest Christmas dinner you’ll ever make, for £3.21 per head

You can feed your friends for less than 20 quid

Meet the man fighting to save Strathclyde’s Pro-Life society

‘The rights of one person can never trump the rights of another’

Glasgow has a pro ice hockey team and we interviewed the assistant captain

You learn something new every day

Clubbers of the Week

Did you make Wanker of the Week?

Glasgow clubbers of the week

You never let us down

Fear not: Glasgow will have an ice rink this Christmas


Meet the Glasgow art student who paints using her period blood

The Glasgow School of Art student tried to recreate ancient art

BREAKING: Man arrested wielding a knife in Clydebank

20 police vehicles were reportedly dispatched to Montrose Street

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck is coming to Glasgow

It will be here on 18th November

It’s forecast to snow tomorrow in Glasgow


Glasgow’s Clubbers of the Week

Always looking on fleek

Karen Buckley’s murderer has been moved to a new prison ‘for his own safety’

Apparently he’d become a target

Glasgow clubbers of the week: Halloween edition

You lot are looking no scarier than usual

How to cook 14 meals for one person, with just £10

Ok, £10.72

CONFIRMED: Glasgow Uni to raise tuition fees

English, Welsh and Irish students enrolling next year will face a rise in fees

How many calories do your favourite UK alcoholic beverages contain?

Brace yourselves

Last minute DIY Halloween costumes

For those lazy people

‘Killer clowns’ have been around Glasgow for over 30 years

All of the other cities are late to the game

Glasgow Clubbers of the week

Baby we back

Glasgow opens Scotland’s first cereal café

You can buy Hong Kong waffles, crêpes, cheesecake, ice cream, and jaw-dropping “freakshakes”

University of Glasgow ranked 28th in Europe

This is how we do it

Glasgow is running a new restaurant festival

Prepare yourselves

How to decide who to live with next year

Have you sorted out your flat for next year yet?

Have you spotted any of Glasgow’s latest murals?

They’re pretty special

Glasgow’s night life has so much more to offer than pulling

It’s the best city in the world

Why is it so normal for students’ ceilings to be collapsing in Glasgow

You probably know someone who it’s happened to

No one’s heard of the The Black Isle, but it’s the best-looking hometown in the UK

Copacobana or Rosemarkie Beach?

Glasgow Clubbers of the Week

Where did all the couples go?

Viper will always be a better night out than Hive and you all know it

It’s the closest a club will ever get to a house party

I tried DIY teeth whitening and it actually worked

Because who can afford to get them done professionally?

Glasgow clubbers of the Week

Where have all these beautiful people been hiding

What your Glasgow library level says about you

Who even goes to level five?

Every person you will meet on a night out in Viper

Ain’t no messin’ with my clique

Third year woken up when bedroom ceiling collapses leaving behind giant hole

‘I woke up to rubble hitting my bed’

Meet the Squash team

Their motto is ‘balls to the wall’ in Latin

Clubbers of week four

Lemme see ya get low

How to not fall in love with your fit Glasgow flatmate

Resist the urge to Netflix ‘n’ Chill

Viper is sending free buses to Kushion tonight

Once the club’s full, the rest of us are being shipped off to Kushion

I’m a fresher and I’ve only been on four nights out

I think I’m doing uni wrong