Glasgow’s jihadi bride facing travel ban after being named on UN sanctions list

The government wants to deter others from travelling to Syria

Glasgow drop-out turned jihadi bride Aqsa Mahmood will be banned from travelling after being named on the UN’s sanctions list.

The 21-year-old is one of four British jihadists to be named on the list, which was updated on Monday.

As well as facing a travel ban, Aqsa will have her assets frozen as part of a new ploy to stem the flow of recruits joining the ISIS.

Aqsa Mahmood- Glasgow dropout and Jihadi bride

Aqsa Mahmood: Glasgow dropout and Jihadi bride

This is the first time the UN sanctions list has been used against Britons in Syria, although the UK Treasury list has previously been used to target two other men who have become involved with ISIS.

The four jihadists  have been fighting or recruiting for Islamic State militants in Syria.

Profiles of evidence were submitted to the UN which showed Aqsa and the others were “financing, planning, facilitating, preparing, or perpetrating of acts or activities” in relation to ISIS.

According to the British police, approximately 700 Britons have travelled to Syria to support and fight for jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria and roughly half have returned to the UK.

A government official said the move was intended to send out a deterrent message to Britons supporting the jihadi movement.

A fifth name has been submitted to the UN sanctions committee, however, it is still to be approved. More names are expected to be put forward.