Annie Hilditch
Glasgow News Editor of The Tab

Glasgow police shoot down car tyres in high speed chase

The incident occurred on Friday

Glasgow Uni students evacuated due to chemical spill

One student became ill as a result of the spill

Teenager Chloe Campbell is missing

Police have appealed for help to find the missing 14 year old

Glasgow ranked in top 15 best unis

Best uni in Scotland, up yours Edinburgh

An artist is doing a performance piece where she doesn’t leave Glasgow for a year

And she’s got £15k funding for it

Fourth year vet named Scottish athlete of the year

She’s super speedy

Missing teenager Millie Gibbons found safe

She was in London

Glasgow in the top 100 universities in the world

We beat Strathy too

Glasgow’s jihadi bride facing travel ban after being named on UN sanctions list

The government wants to deter others from travelling to Syria

Glasgow spending £775million on massive refurbishment plans

Give it 10 years and campus is gonna look beaut

Campus Style: St Paddy’s Day

Green really suits you

Taps Aff: Drought in Murano

It’s water-gate

Humans of Murano: Glasgow’s answer to the international craze

This is so much better than squirrels

Campus Style

You’re all so alt

I pulled at Garage dressed as Dobby the house elf

There was a bald cap involved

SRC bus service cancelled

Everyone’s giving up

The best bit of Kushion is the smoking area

‘The walk down the flight of stairs is comparable to the descent into hell’