Nearly 40 per cent of freshers buy new clothes instead of using washing machine

No wonder they’re broke

If you’re beginning to think your halls smells, here’s why: timid freshers would rather go and buy new underwear than take their dirty underwear to the launderette.

In a survey of 3,000 undergrads by the company Johnny Tuxedo, 52 per cent admitted they can go a whole term without washing their jumpers or cardigans, and nearly 40 per cent admitted to buying new underwear instead of using the washing machine.

Washing clothes is apparently a massive challenge for freshers, with 68 per cent saying it was the chore they dreaded most at uni.

And with more than two thirds of us running out of clothes in the first week, it’s probably best freshers get nice and friendly with that laundrette but that’s not the case for many. The survey also discovered most of us can’t even master the art of washing our own clothes in first term.

Does this machine give you the fear?

Does this machine give you the fear?

It means several items just don’t get washed from September to December.

Over half of us said our clean underwear was the first to run out, with t-shirts coming a close second. Dirty underwear also gets chucked rather than being washed, because some of us can’t hack the dreaded wash cycle.

Amazingly, washing clothes beats cleaning rooms and cooking as the most hated chore. Apparently we’d rather deal with congealed food than put our dirty laundry in a machine.

The fear of washing is so, very real

The fear of washing is so very real