BNOC of the year nominees: Round two

These people are reasonably well-known


The first batch of campus kings has been unleashed to the world and now it’s time for the next lot of nominees.

Sunday saw our first list of nominees met with joy, laughter and a whole lot of: “who is that?”

So for our next round we’ve got another four contestants you’re bound to have seen out on the skite in Viper, dancing on the tables in the beery or asking the most pertinent questions in your lectures (unlikely).

Liseli Sumbwanyambe

This popular fresher has got it all going on, from her glossy locks to her smashing northern accent. She knows everyone, and everyone knows her.

And lads, don’t leave any propositions in the comments, thanks.

Elected as the first year on GUU’s board of management this year, she follows in the footsteps of the great skite queens before her. Shoutout to Fergusson and McDaid, you know who you are.

Social sec for those fitties on the Athletics team, this girl has her finger in all the pies and she needs your vote to be crowned the best prize of them all – BNOC of the year.

Tom Gebbie

A self-proclaimed BNOC (awkward) and President of GUSA (as if we could forget, wash that bloody hoody), Tom Gebbie is the most popular of all the sabbatical officers, a prestigious award.

Gebbie can be found sipping on some luxury Glens in his own private booth in Viper or Sanctuary more often than he is actually in the GUSA office. It’s just as well a business day doesn’t start until 12, isn’t that right Tom?

He has single handedly kept Sport at Glasgow functioning along with many of the West End’s favourite watering holes. You might as well vote for Gebbie because in his own eyes, he’s already won.

David Guthrie

The nicest man you will ever meet. Ever.

A keen member of the hallowed Swimming and Water Polo Club, kidnappers of cardboard cutouts and all round utensil stealers, he is also founder of the biggest engineering #squad on campus.

Not many people can tell their grandchildren they’ve had a drinking game named after them and everyone knows a night involving “Guthrie’s torture chamber” is going to be a good one.

If you call him David, you probably don’t understand the magnitude of his popularity, but we’ll leave you lot to decide that for yourself.

Christy Thomson

Not only has Christy been a member of the Hockey club from day one but she’s been a committee member for three years, that’s hella dedication.

She’s also an active GUSA insider as a Freshers Week team leader and headed up the booziest team of the week, earning herself the coveted crown of skite queen.

Spotted weekly at Wednesday night Viper sessions she’s most likely to be chinning pints and taking shots.

But is her stomach strong enough to handle BNOC of the year?