A third of Glasgow finalists are going to vote SNP

Who’d have thought it

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Nicola Sturgeon is sweeping the vote across Glasgow as the majority of third years pledge to vote for her.

The research, carried out by High Fliers, found 30 per cent of finalists intend to vote SNP, whereas only one per cent admitted to supporting UKIP.

Strathclyde University is even higher, with a massive 43 per cent of those asked saying they intended to vote SNP.

St. Andrews, perhaps the most prestigious of all Scottish unis, boasts a Conservative majority.

She did do a speech here after all

High Fliers Research Ltd surveyed 13,039 final year students from 30 leading Universities in March of this year, including Glasgow and Strathyclude – that’s about a fifth of graduating students in the country.

Second year Business student Catherine said: “The research kind of surprises me, but I can understand after seeing how sound Nicola Sturgeon is compared to Alex Salmond.”

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats each look to have a measly six per cent of the Glasgow Uni vote, after their disaster of a parliament for the last five years.

But the views of those asked don’t necessarily reflect all students at Glasgow.

Annie and Isabelle, both first year, are voting Green.

Annie said: “I just don’t agree with any of the other parties and I don’t agree with not voting.

“Greens policies are alright.”

The research also profiled certain voters and found that unsurprisingly, those who went to private schools are more likely to vote Conservative, while students who attended state schools or colleges are more likely to vote labour.