Your uni mates will always be better than your friends from home

The sooner you realise that the better

I have my four best friends from home, and my rock who literally gets all my woes and life problems. I wouldn’t change these five for the world.

my best friends from home

my best friends from home

But 90 per cent of other people from my hometown, I could easily not speak to again.

It sounds harsh, but lets be honest here – how many people from school were you only friends with because you saw them five days a week?

A recent article on The Tab spoke about how uni friends are temporary, and how the author wishes that home people would stop “trying to be cool” and still be friends with the people from home.


You’re closer with people you choose to be pals with

But maybe in a lot of cases, people make better friends at uni in a year, than they ever did in the seven years of high school.

Maybe I just got lucky with my friends here, but it’s got to the point now that if it weren’t for my family, and my absolute best pals, I could easily just not go home for summer and other breaks.

There are some girls from high school I talk to occasionally, but it’s not a necessity I see them when I am home.

And I know I’m not alone, a few of my friends up here have already talked about not moving back down to their homes once uni is over.

School girls are bitches

School was so try-hard, you had to impress the “cool” girls, and stay meek and mild while they treated you like shit every single day.

We don't need no bitches

We don’t need no bitches

Maybe it’s just because I went to a girls school, so there was no break from the bitchiness and cliquey hierarchy.

Seriously, the amount of times I got indirectly tweeted about was unreal.

Uni is so easy, you make friends with the people you like, and if you don’t like someone, chances are you won’t see them around very often.

Just look at the fuckin love here

Just look at the fuckin love here

And now everyone has grown up, bitchiness is just an unnecessary weapon against the war that was high school, and friendships are stronger because of it.

You have a problem with someone? You say something about it, you don’t do all the snide behind-the-back shit that dominated our lives at 16 and 17.

People who live together stay together

Uni is just a different ballgame, you live with these people, and just get to know someone so quickly it’s like you can’t live your life without them now.

Or you just massively click. In freshers, I met one of my best friends and flatmate by sitting opposite her on the subway.

She thought I was super cute because of my walking boots (I had really sore feet don’t judge me). Three days later we were joined at the hip.

Flatmates looking mighty fiiiine

Flatmates looking mighty fiiiine

I only met some of my best friends at uni this year (my second year), and now I would put them above most of the people I know from home.

And I will try my hardest to maintain these friendships once uni is over, but that’s only if they want to too.

Real friends will always reunite

I totally understand the sadness with losing contact side of things though, if you want to keep contact that is.

I lost one of my favourite humans for nearly two years, because I was still in school and she had gone to uni, and I didn’t get just how much uni life takes over.

Two years later, and we managed to sort our problems, purely because I understand that we have different lives now, and we can’t be joined at the hip whilst she is in Leeds and I’m in Glasgow.

And I’m obviously not saying that you ditch all your friends from high school and get shiny brand new ones at uni.


My best friends are irreplaceable and they know that, 13 years after meeting them we are still all ridiculously close.

But I’m talking about the people that you saw, you talked to, but you never connected. Or you never trusted. They can drift, and it’s fine, you just need to let go.

It’s like a bad breakup in a way, just accept that they’ve moved on, and let them be happy without you.

blowing kisses coz we back togeva

blowing kisses coz we back togeva