Daylight robbery: Uni rakes in over £180,000 in fines

That’s 51,428 V500s

A recent report has shown Glasgow University rakes in thousands of pounds worth of fines from us.

The vast sum has accumulated to over 201,054 individual fines, most of which are, as you would expect, library fines.

And since 2012 the grand total sum collected in fines has come to £181,605.

Con artists.


Maybe it would be better to just live in the library

Though in this academic year (2014/15), there have been almost 50,000 less fines for library book return.

The value of fines received on behalf of the Universities residential services has steadily increased from £1,100 in the academic year 2012/13 to almost £5,000 this academic year (2014/15).

Basically, they’ve learned how to lynch us and they’re rolling with it.


is our education really free?

The report by the University is split into three categories; total number of fines, the total amount of these fines and the single largest fine handed out to an individual.

One student was fined £1000 for: “threatening behaviour via social media”.

And I thought my £80 fine for irresponsible cigarette disposal was tragic.

The library managed to garner a sneaky £66,326.69 in fines during the term 2013/14 from all of us tardy students.

Just hand your books back in time, sticking it to the man is much easier when you don’t have to pay them.