Glasgow crowned drunkest uni in Scotland

Cheers to that

Glasgow university this week was polled as the fourth drunkest university in the UK and the drunkest in Scotland.

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Studentbeans placed us well above everyone else in Scotland, and even higher than those champagne-quaffing toffs in Durham.

Of course those stuck in Aberystwyth need to drown their sorrows, coming in at a respectable third.

We drink an average of 15.23 units per week. And you’ve got to wonder who they questioned because that number seems surprisingly low.

And as I sit and sip my daily 11am “pick me up” pint I can’t help but wonder as to why.

Scotland is sort of known for its drinking culture but the next Scottish uni that places on the list is Strathclyde and they’re not even close.

Alcohol is not good for you.

Alcohol is not good for you.

I’d like to think the reason we’re so high up the table is that you NEED to be drunk before you can even think about climbing up to that lab on the top floor of Boyd Orr on a Tuesday morning.

Or maybe because the weather here is so painfully grim up until mid April (at which time exams begin), you need a bit of tipple just to ward off the blues.

Then again, maybe it’s just this year’s survey saw students from other uni’s drinking less than before – alcohol consumption across the board is much lower than the same survey in 2012.

Who knows?

All I know is that that 9am isn’t getting made regardless of whether I was plastered the night before or not.

And one more thing!

Just to anyone from York, Sussex, and Aberystwyth, next year it’s on.

This time we weren’t even trying.