Deadly ‘super-strength’ ecstasy hits Glasgow

‘They simply are not safe’

The new party pills, which look like yellow UPS pills, are 10 times stronger than the ecstasy on sale five years ago.

The dodgy pills have already been linked to four deaths in Ipswich, Suffolk, and at a gig in Middlesbrough, where six people were taken to hospital.

Now the drugs have reached Glasgow, with a source telling the Evening Times: ”We have some intelligence that yellow UPS tablets are on sale in Glasgow.

the drug has now made its way to Glasgow

The drug has now made its way to Glasgow

”It doesn’t matter whether it’s yellow  UPS, pink Superman or green Rolex tablets, you don’t know what is in them.

“They simply are not safe.”

The Scottish Drugs Forum have already posted a warning about the new batch, saying ”UPS ecstasy circulating in some parts of Scotland.”

Research has already been done with 20 different pills at the University of Glasgow’s Forensic Medicine and Science unit. From this, researchers had some idea of just what makes up these new brand of pills, and how much MDMA is in each one.

But this isn’t the first time that revellers have been warned about dodgy pills. In 2014, the police in Glasgow issued a warning, after the death of 17-year-old Regane MacColl in the Arches nightclub.

Her death was linked to Red Mortal Kombat pills.


The UPS pills can be deadly


Chief Inspector Mark Sutherland, who polices the majority of the nightclubs in Glasgow, told the Evening Times: “Drug dealers are only interested in profit and my officers regularly attend incidents, where young people have put themselves at risk by taking these substances.

“We will not tolerate drug misuse within the city centre that harms our young people and tears families apart.”

Researchers say the drug is: “Neurotoxic and increases the likelihood of irreparable brain damage.”

These new drugs are believed to have originated from Switzerland, and despite police warnings, drug dealers are still risking lives by selling them.

The drugs contain up to 275mg of MDMA, which, when compared to the normal drug, which contains only 35mg, proves to be at a dangerously high level.

The research also states that: ”There is a risk of drying out, or even heat stroke because of the body temperature, in relation to the dose increase.”