Scottish university to offer ‘golf degree’

A little birdie told us

The University of the Highlands and Islands will be offering Scotland’s first golf degree in September of this year, in collaboration with the Royal Dornoch Golf Club in Inverness.

The course, which requires 3 Cs at Higher and an impressive 4.4 golf handicap for men (6.4 for women), will take place over four years and leaves the graduate with a BA honours in something called “golf management”.

"Golf management"

“Golf management”

The course has been provided with full backing by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, who claimed it was on ‘par’ with other degrees in the country*

*he didn’t but I wish he had

The man himself

The man himself

What he did say was: “I fully support the University of the Highlands and Islands, in association with Royal Dornoch, in their efforts to provide education within the golf industry and beyond.”

Hopefully the course will have budding young golfers shooting down the fairway towards a career in the industry.

And who knows, maybe Glasgow will follow in UHI’s footsteps and take a slice of the action. After all, nothing is out of bounds -oh god I’m sorry I’ll stop.