Meet Liang Lawrence: The Exeter Uni grad who’s just got a record deal

Respectfully, I am obsessed x

When thinking of graduate prospects, the main thing that comes to mind as a best case scenario is a nice grad scheme perhaps with a potential job at the end of it. Otherwise, it’s back to the pub in our home town which employed us when we were 16. Whilst a few of us may have come to uni with dreams of fame, still harbouring teenage fantasies of being spotted, these soon died as we realised that we couldn’t even rouse a cheer at the Vic open mic night and consequently haven’t sung since. Losing your dignity in TP is one thing, losing it at an open mic night is another. However, Liang Lawrence has officially put the rest of our graduate prospects to shame, having been snapped up by a recording company just months after graduating.

Despite having done her undergraduate degree in Biology, Liang also found time to regularly write original songs and share them with her 111.2K TikTok followers. Combining her love of music with her natural activism, she’s produced songs which touch on everything from: anxiety, seasonal depression, and relationships to abortion rights and climate change.

Talking to The Tab Exeter, Liang said that “it’s just so crazy how things are starting to happen I guess, I never would have thought this could happen for me just from starting out in my bedroom teaching myself the ukulele.” Although she has so many highlights, a stand out moment would probably have to be releasing her original Turns Out on TikTok, which drew attention and praise from pop and celeb royalty including Joe Jonas and Sabrina Carpenter.

She’s already working with some top bands and musicians, including the likes of Fickle Friends and has recently collaborated with Flyte *fangirls*. But, you can still catch Liang at open mic nights around Exeter, performing her originals and some banging Oasis covers too. She admitted she had a special soft spot for Pura Vida as it’s where she did her first ever live performance, and soon became the resident Thursday musician at its sister café: Sunset Society. Although she loves performing solo, she mentioned that “she’s going to start looking at finding a band soon”. *immediately sends her a DM despite having zero musical talent…* She’s releasing new music in a month.

As a recent Exeter student, she still has strong opinions on the best and worst aspects of uni life, she told The Tab Exeter:

Favourite Exeter night out: “I know it’s boring but has to be TP Friday”.

Fave takeaway: “Efes grill or IFood” (*drools in curly fries*).

Fave study spot: “Top floor of Forum Library”.

First Year Halls: “Northfield” (*vomits*).

Fave coffee spot: “Chando’s or Exploding Bakery”.

Fave Exeter activity: “Strolling around the quay (wholesome) – especially if there are cute doggos around”.

Biggest Exeter ick: “Either the corrupt resales system or the dive bombing seagulls”.

You can find more of her music on: TikTok: @lianglawrence and her Instagram @lianglawrencemusic 

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