This Exeter student went as the cost of living crisis for Halloween and it’s terrifying

The outfit was completed with a QR code taking you to an £8 block of butter

An Exeter student dressed as the cost of living crisis for Halloween, and to be honest I’ve never seen anything scarier.

Third year English student Hermione took matters into her hands with the perfect, timely Halloween costume for 2022 – the cost of living crisis.

She told The Tab Exeter it was the “scariest” thing she could think of, and “didn’t have the energy to dress sexy so just went for the opposite of sex appeal” – politics. Fair enough tbh.

Hermione DIY’d her own outfit out of an old t-shirt and her housemate’s Sharpie pen, simply writing “the cost of living” on the front. On the back she drew a QR code taking you to a block of butter which is on sale for £8, as well as Joe Lycett’s “I’m actually very right wing and I loved it” quote from his BBC interview.


The outfit was complete by a message saying “bye Liz Truss”, a made-up graph showing the cost of groceries is “fucking ridiculous”, and a message saying: “Can’t spell cost of living without ‘vile'”. Just 2022 things x

‘I’m actually very right wing and I loved it’

Speaking to The Tab Exeter, Hermione said she chose her costume “mainly it was the scariest thing I could think of – it was between this and student debt to be honest. Also I didn’t have the energy to dress sexy so I just went for the opposite of sex appeal (and everyone knows that’s politics).”

Hermione “thankfully” didn’t have any politics students approach her at the Halloween house party she was at, but she “predominantly just had people coming up saying ‘scary’ and agreeing”. She said she thinks “there was a sense that people generally found it funny as it’s something that’s affecting us all (especially students) at the moment”.

She says her friends didn’t do any sort of matching costume with her, but says: “A group costume as the cost of living, student debt, housing crisis, Tory government, and climate crisis is never off the cards… But the aim was to scare people not depress them after all.”

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