What you should go as for Halloween based on your Exeter Uni course

No English students, don’t go as Waterstones

Even after having exhausted all charity shops and scoured tirelessly through your wardrobe you still don’t know what to go as this Halloween? Believe me you are not alone. So here we have compiled some ideas for costumes based around your university course – after all what’s scarier than piles of reading, late night catchup sessions and impeding deadlines?

English Literature

When it comes to English Literature the options for inspired Halloween outfits are pretty much endless, if not sometimes a little overdone. You’ve got the classics like Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein. But what about some of the more unsung characters from your favourite literary works? With a brown fur coat and some fake ears, you could go as Shakespeare’s infamous stage direction: “exit pursued by a bear”, from The Winter’s Tale, although this does technically mean you would have to be the last to leave the party. Or keep it simple: wear orange head to toe, write a book title on a t-shirt and voilà, you can go as literally any of the 2,000 Penguin books.

However, if you’re not one for dressing up in costume you could always try embracing your inner English teacher by turning up dressed all in one colour, spending the night ‘analysing’ and ‘evaluating’ everyone’s outfits as you try to interpret who or what they’re meant to represent.


Pick your choice: you could go as everything or nothing at all, I mean what does it matter? Why are we even here? What is the true purpose of life?

But if you’re looking for something a little less ambitious (said no philosophy student ever), how about dusting off your old togas from freshers (the only way to get over the nightmares is to embrace the bedsheet) and go dressed up in old school, philosophy style. Sandals and beards are optional, but highly recommended. The best part being that no one really needs to understand your costume, because let’s be honest, whoever truly understands anything when it comes to studying philosophy?


If you’re studying law I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the stereotypical comments about blood-sucking lawyers or ruthless sharks, which although may not be so great for overall public image, make great Halloween costume ideas: think vampire in a suit. Or if you don’t own a suit, you could always wear your Exeter law student hoodie (which I know you own), because really, that’s just as scary. Even simpler, sellotape the front cover of one of your textbooks to a top and go as that, because they seem terrifying. 


It should go without saying that dressing up as a real-life serial killer is never a good idea, no matter how popular they are at the moment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out a little. With just some black and yellow tape, a black top and jeans and some fake blood, you could dress up as a crime scene. Bonus point if you draw a chalk outline on your top. Or, if you’re really lazy, just grab a magnifying glass and go as Sherlock – we know that’s why you applied to do criminology in the first place.

Physics and Astronomy

Although dressing as a microscope may have its attractions, why not keep it simple and go as a planet? Simply grab some old cardboard (saving space in your already overflowing recycling bins) and cut it into a circle. Colour the circle to look like the planet of your choice and attach it to a t-shirt.  You can even rope your friends in and make it a group costume: who doesn’t love to see the entire solar system rocking up to TP?

Business and Economics

It’s no kept secret that The Wolf of Wall Street has become a somewhat holy grail for those studying business and economics; so why not add a little Halloween twist by going dressed this year as the Werewolf of Wallstreet? The costume requires only a suit and some face paint to achieve the werewolf look. For an added bonus you could even add some tears as well as fake blood to the shirt – really selling the look.


Instead of going dressed as a rock, how about going dressed as The Rock? This rather simple costume requires a black turtleneck, blue jeans, a gold chain as well as a bum-bag and belt (you know the look) and if people don’t get the joke, at least you’ll look iconic.


This year so far has been rather scary in ways of politics and with a choice of three different prime ministers over just the last year, you’re spoilt for choice outfit wise. Though if you’re looking for the most recognisable of the bunch I’d definitely go with Boris. To steal his look all you would need is a suit and a blonde wig, although a mop head will also do. If this is *too* much effort, just pop on a black t-shirt and write the number 10 on it – sorted.

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