This Halloween edition of Fashion in the Forum is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen

A showcase of Exeter’s best dressed from Halloweekend

This weekend, we decided to take fashion out of the forum and onto the streets of Exeter, celebrating your amazing Halloween looks all around EX4. Move over basic bunny ears and Peaky Blinders caps, as this Halloween we said hello to Dobby, pickle jars and one night stands. Here are our favourite outfits from Halloweekend.

Kira @kira_mcgovern

Kira really went above and beyond with this show stopping outfit. If there is ever a Harry Potter remake (which actually would just be really weird) Kira is our number one candidate for Dobby.

Ellie @ellie_beynon_

Our favourite aspect of Ellie’s very creative costume is the lamp shade hat, which was surely stolen from her head at some point in the night.

Mike and Flo @mike.petrick, @florenceparsons

Mike and Flo pulled it out the bag (or should we say jar) this year, and we really want to know how the idea for this costume came about. Was the pickle costume already owned, or bought especially for the occasion?

Scott and Alex @scott_llew, @alex_wallage

Scott and Alex dressed up as Uncle Vernon and Voldemort this year, which seems like an eclectic pairing until you realise they are both really quite terrifying.

Joel, Jude and Emma @joel.crisp, @judealsaady, @emma.c0le

Dressed as a Grinch, the Cheshire cat and a reindeer, Joel, Jude and Emma showcased their ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ inspired looks. Whilst they seem to have got their holiday seasons mixed up, we love the combo.

Lois @lois_hills

Lois rejected the basic looks and went legitimately scary this year with her costume, as she tells us, “I have a sandwich phobia.” Fair enough.

Toby, Harry and Seb @ttobybrown, @harry.pike20

Whilst we’re not convinced the pink ladies of the 70s would be drinking Stella, we love the matching jackets and shiny leggings. Iconic.

Daphne and Velma @sophiarjaffer, @_holly.elizabeth.h_x

Halloween is not complete without those meddling kids! Holly and Sophia look stunning as Daphne and Velma, managing to actually look fit in those questionable colour combos.

Lucy and Georgie @Lucy_phillips1, @wintergeorgie

The watermelon and hotdog look so great together, and the fishnet tights and heeled boots really add an extra something to the outfit.

Tigran and Ellie @tig.sha, @ellie__guthrie

A classic, but so well done. Mario and Princess Peach look impeccable, and have even got their poses nailed.

Cam, Lewis and Rae @cameron_mcgeachin, @notlewispinion, @raedarcia

Cam, Lewis and Rae went all out this Halloween with their Sully, Mike Wazowski and Boo costumes. Wonder how long Sully’s face paint took to come off?

Gizsu @gizsutufan

Gizsu looks sensational as a corpse bride, outfit complete with veil and blood.

Lucy, Marcus and Jamie @lucy_philips1, @marcusluiga, @jamieclements00

We’ve never seen Patrick Bateman pulled off so well. The various fake blood splattering techniques here are complimented by Jamie’s Mr Incredible suit and Marcus’ glowstick necklace.

Katie, Mimi and Cessie @katieeaallen, @mimifrangiamore

The aliens costumes, complete with tinsel, glitter and googley eyes, look incredible. The pirate outfit is also immaculately done, and the fact they’re all wearing fishnets weirdly ties everything together.

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