10 easy Exeter Uni themed Halloween costumes if you still don’t have a clue what to go as

Is there anything scarier than not having a Halloween costume sorted yet?

At the risk of reducing Exeter to its worst stereotypes, we have created for your amusement and assistance, a list of 10 Exeter-themed Halloween costumes that only Exeter students and locals would understand. Take your pick:

1. Pret takeaway cup

Iconic, easy to make and, let’s face it, undeniably attractive to any Exeter student, going as a Pret coffee is one of the hottest things you can do for Halloween. Cut up a cardboard box (recycle those Amazon delivery packages!) in the shape of a coffee cup, then use a red marker to fill in the Pret logo and colour in the lid.

2. A TP bouncer

For those of you who are lacking in funds or creativity, this costume may be the one for you. An all black outfit, ideally accessorised with a chunky belt, a makeshift earpiece and an immovable frown, and you’ll blend in with TP security in no time.

3. Gap year student

Wide leg Bali-style trousers, fake tan, and a shell necklace are the three most crucial pieces for recreating the iconic “Gap Yah” look. Bonus points if you go barefoot because “shoes feel weird now.” Spend the night talking about how enlightened you are now to really complete the look.

4. Rugby lad on a Wednesday TP night

This is a sight we know all too well: the staple blue shirt, green tie and beige chinos. Adding a mullet (a poorly chopped wig can make a fairly convincing stunt double) or a yellow VK will really enhance the outfit.

5. A VK

Speaking of VKs, why not skip the rugby lad altogether? (NB: We recommend taking this philosophy forward with you in the future). Combine items of clothing that are the same colour as a VK flavour – Yellow, Red and Green are popular choices – then stick a VK logo on your shirt and you’re good to go. Bonus, it also works as a group outfit.

6. PureGym Regular

Another main character in the Soap Opera that is Exeter University, the PureGym regular makes for an excellent Halloween costume. Any sportswear is acceptable but ideally rock the Gymshark set, and add a powerlifting belt or protein shake to complete the look.

7. FIXR ticket

This costume is a fun and flexible one: you can either copy the format of the infamous FIXR ticket onto a whiteboard, a white shirt or even a piece of paper. No one will struggle to work out what you’ve come as because most of us see FIXR tickets in our sleep (and the haunting “oops” notification too).

8. ‘Rah’ Girl/Boy

It’s not a well kept secret that some Exeter students are self-professed Trust Fund Babies, and if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? This costume has the potential for gender swap but certainly most of the outfit, you should be able to find in either your wardrobe or a housemate’s.

Girls: Tote bag (ideally Waterstones or UO), black flares, a Ralph Lauren knitted jumper and tiny sunnies.

Boys: Signet ring, chinos, a collared shirt with a jumper over it and boat shoes.

We recommend adopting a posh accent for the night as well – it’s the only time you’ll ever be able to do so without harassment.

9. Bank robber: Market Place edition

An Exeter twist on a traditional costume, providing the opportunity to recycle an old jailmate outfit or just to  wear your usual all-black wardrobe with some form of Market Place reference. We’ve all felt a little robbed by Market Place’s steep prices at one point, no matter how much overdraft you get. Why not embody the injustice in an iconic halloween outfit?

10. Ram curly fries

Last but absolutely not least, we have the unofficial Exeter University mascot: the Ram curly fries. This is a good opportunity to rep any Ram merch you may have, and if not, it’s a great excuse to have curly fries on you. I’m not sure there’s anything scarier than reaching into the basket and realising you’ve finished your fries, but if anything’s going to top it, it’s seeing someone dressed as a sheep with a bag of chips outside Fever.

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