Still looking for Halloween inspo? Try one of these Exeter city-inspired outfits

Will Prince Charming find his Princess(hay)?

With Halloween fast approaching, now is the perfect time to look to your surroundings for some inspiration. For your ease, I have compiled this completely fool-proof list for everyone who’s just realised Halloween is in less than a week. Say goodbye to the uninspiring angels and devils this year, and embody Exeter at its finest. I’m sure you may be wondering how inspiring Exeter really is, but if you look past Sidwell Street there is some really good stuff out there:

1. Co-op (inspired by Co-op)

This costume can be replicated with any supermarket of your choice, e.g. Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco – full marks for versatility. Choose where your allegiance lies, and either stand alone or make it a group statement. It can also be chosen by which colour works best for you, orange for Sainsbury’s may be the most ‘Halloween-y’ but if green goes with your eyes better then don’t be restricted.  Not to mention the free advertising these supermarkets receive, the pure convenience and ease of the costume, it’s also reusing plastic.

2. Princess (inspired by Princesshay)

This costume could be nicely coupled up with a prince. However, if you are lacking your own prince charming, make it a group situation and collectively hate on those who have come in sickening couples costumes.

3. Police officer (inspired by Estate Patrol)

Those of you who were lucky enough to skip the Covid-fuelled Freshers (which consisted of being sat down at tables in Fever- just try and imagine how awful, nay depressing, that was) will have also been spared of the prolonged anxiety of seeing the ol’ EP rock up on campus. That being said, the pure adrenaline of hiding in a cupboard or under some random bed to avoid a hefty fine is a high that I have been chasing ever since.

4. Teens (inspired by Exeter College)

This could be taken in a school-girl direction, perhaps some homage to Serena and Blair. Or just the old fashioned beanie and headphones look – it’s a winner whether you’re in year seven or you’re 27.

5. Rugby Player (inspired by Exeter Chiefs)

This look provides the perfect opportunity to rock a co-ord, but I don’t think Pretty Little Thing will be stocking these this year, so you’ll have to look else where.

6. Clock (inspired by Timepiece)

Picture the clock from Beauty and the Beast, inspired by the ‘Piece. Not only is this look achievable with some face-paint, it’s also timeless. If your allegiance lies with Fever instead of TP (which would be really questionable), you could dress as a thermometer instead.

7. Key (inspired by the Quay)

Yet another opportunity to be part of an insufferable couples costume, this could be perfectly paired with someone dressed as a lock. How you would achieve this look I am not sure, this is pretty bottom of the barrel stuff, but what can I say, some of us are desperate.

8. Spy (inspired by Leather Jacket Season) 

Summer is officially over. The number of leather jackets on campus increase by the day. This is the perfect way to utilise what you almost definitely already own. (Guns are not real).

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