10 iconic Exeter University BeReal Moments we’ve all taken

‘Wait guys, I need to take my BeReal’

Whether you’re that person who never misses a notification or you only use it when you’re doing something relatively interesting, we all know the legend that is BeReal. And if you don’t, are you okay?

Capturing a moment of your everyday life at uni, you’re bound to see similar BeReals come up – after all Exeter is quite small. So here are some iconic Exeter Uni BeReal moments we’ve all taken.

1. A TP night out

Arguably one of the best clubs in Exeter, who wouldn’t want to flex their night out here? And by flexing, I do mean that you actually managed to get a ticket.

2. Mid-Lecture

When you hear the notification go off in a lecture, you just know you have to subtly take a selfie without giving yourself the ick. Those lecture notes can wait.

3. Hungover

Feeling violently hungover and contemplating whether you’ll actually be able to make that morning lecture is all part of the uni experience. Maybe fewer Venoms next time?

4. Wednesday Sports Socials

Hopefully, from the ridiculously early start to Wednesday sports socials through to the rest of the night, there’s plenty of time for that BeReal notification to go off.

5. The Ram (specifically the curly fries)

An Exeter classic. It may not be the most exciting of BeReals but it sure is one of the tastiest.

6. Exmouth Beach

Possibly filled with more students on a sunny day in the summer term than the Forum, Exmouth is a go-to for Exeter uni students. And of course, a great BeReal opportunity.

Maybe you can fool some of your non-Exeter friends that you’re abroad? Or is that a bit of a stretch?

7. Pres

Pres are definitely an essential before any night out in Exeter, especially if you don’t want to be spending all your money on expensive club drinks. And to be fair, if that BeReal notification goes off when we’re *actually* socialising, you can bet that we’re going to be documenting it.

8. Showing off your cooking skills

BeReal is the perfect excuse to show off your (questionable) cooking skills to friends.

Ketchup on pizza? We’re judging.

9. Studying in Forum Library

One of the most common types of BeReals you’ll see as an Exeter student. With it being so hard to find a decent spot in the library, you may as well document your success.

10. With the campus cat

As a beloved member of the Exeter community, it is only right that the campus cat feature in a BeReal. Although it may be difficult to locate him within the two minutes when the notification comes up (hence the lack of BeReal below).

We’ll let you be fake on that one.

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