11 random Exeter Uni moments which automatically make you feel like a functioning adult

Nothing beats the feeling of successfully changing a lightbulb

It’s fair to say that uni life comes with its challenges: everything from the big things like balancing work and social life, and the small ones like learning how to properly cut up a butternut squash (without serious injury) with your questionable IKEA knives. We always stress the changes in working environment, moving away from home and being in a new environment, but why does no one ever mention the adult things you have to learn to do?

Picture that moment when you have your first power cut, and you and your four clueless housemates look at one another, realising you have no idea what a fuse box actually looks like, nor have the foggiest where on earth it’s located in your house. From meal prep to haircuts, here are the top 11 moments which (when achieved) make you feel like a boss girl:

1. Hoovering (specifically communal areas)

Most of you were probably familiar with hoovering pre uni (and shame on you to those who weren’t) so may be surprised that it made the list. However, uni living means a step up from hoovering your room every now and then, and the living room / kitchen when your mum’s in a tizz because you’ve got guests coming over. That feeling when you haul (or in my case wrestle) the hoover out of the dank cupboard-under-the-stairs, and hoover the stairs and landing is one of the best. Take a moment to revel in the sheer beauty that is an un-crunchy barefoot walk up those stairs.

2. Having a portable charger

Nothing says being an adult like being prepared. If you’re the one in your friendship group who always has a portable charger on a night out, you’re not the mum of the group, I officially christen you the girlboss of the group instead.

3. Batch cooking

Meal prep? Are you kidding? Not only are you a money saving expert (Martin Lewis would be so proud), you are probably saving the environment too by making sure everything on that weekly shop gets used up. You queen. And speaking of weekly shops…

4. Organising a house food delivery

And all being in for it, all having your different positions, spreading out from the front door to the kitchen table. Bonus points if you manage to successfully divide the cost of everything accurately, including delivery too.

5. Changing a lightbulb

Think this officially makes you the man of the house. Not only have you navigated the absolute CHAOS that is buying the correct lightbulb, but managed to change it sans electrocution or falling off a chair. *applauds*

6. Booking a dentist appointment (and actually going)

Not only getting over the childhood trauma of whatever harrowing dentist experiences you’ve been through, but actually ringing them up and booking an appointment for six months in advance, despite the fact you have no idea what your term two timetable’s going to be like. If you make it to this appointment after all this, I salute you.

7. Organising a group birthday present

Bonus point if you give it to said friend on the actual day too. Between choosing the present, everyone chipping in (the right amount to the same bank account), and keeping it a surprise – it’s basically just a minefield of adulting.

8. Regularly going to an exercise class

By all means congratulate yourself for dropping into a dance-fitness class on a random Tuesday when you feel like you suddenly want to get your life in order. But going to a Monday pilates class every week, after having your batch-cooked lunch is truly the peak of nailing life.

9. Owning wine glasses

Nothing elevates your pres like drinking wine out of real life wine glasses. It still counts if they’re IKEA’s most basic, the effect is the same: once you’ve made the transition from drinking wine out of the green plastic BARISCA cups to a real wine glass, you’ll be hit by a wave of sheer superiority that you’ll never want to let go of.

10. Doing a meter reading

Mostly, the phrase “bills excluded” fills us with dread, not only because we realise it’s going to cost even more on top of our rent, but mainly because we realise that we have to learn how to do a meter reading – and know which is gas and which is electricity. I’m sorry Octopus, I did my best x

11. Cleaning the dishwasher filters

This is ultimately the most grown up of them all –  not even grown ups do this. Between reading the manual, locating the filters, successfully removing and re-installing them – you quite frankly deserve a medal.

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